Car rental rapid expansion

Car rental in Xuzhou Xuzhou is rapidly expanding to flourish, Xuzhou, Jiangsu's largest rental car market, already has more than 10,000 cars leased cars.

a gray cottage 10 square meters, inside a small bar, a computer, a staff of three, plus close to the car park next to the Metro stops a few taxis, on May 20, the MTR Station Exit c in Xuzhou Xuzhou, see the simple new car rental locations. Xuzhou car rental procedures as a whole can be no more than 5 minutes. Xuzhou car rental points along the subway like this, at the end of this month, will add 13 in Xuzhou.

Xuzhou will catch up with the car rental taxi

car rental rushed development of Xuzhou, which are overtaking the taxi number of Jiangsu. Xuzhou car rental Express, April in Xuzhou car rental market survey has just closed, which has developed over more than 400 car rental company in Xuzhou, involved more than 5,000 vehicles leased vehicles over Xuzhou taxi quantity available.

"rental car instead of a taxi is a good thing, because the role of taxis in the city traffic, very large, Governments need to put a lot of effort to solve the problem. Leasing and rental functions like, and leasing is a green modes of transportation vehicles is only used when you only need to use the car, unlike the rent, there is an empty rates, increased carbon emissions and traffic congestion. In addition, passenger and freight transport, public transport, car rental and compared a lot less monopoly and Government intervention can be said to be market-oriented industries with higher levels, so a rental car at the national Flash development, corporate profits should be good. ”

Xuzhou car leasing prospects for the better

talk about car rental in the history of the development of Xuzhou and Xuzhou car rentals introduces, Xuzhou rental industry has really started, several other large taxi companies in Beijing such as the first auto, auto, silver structures have been established car rental companies. Hot car rental, then spread to the country's capital city and faster economic development in medium city.

2012 statistics from the China Road Transport Association and 13 car rental companies of central city in China has more than 800 companies, operating vehicles only 45,000 units, 80% operation of these vehicles less than 50 units.

Zhang Yibing rough estimates, currently already has at least tens of thousands of car rental companies (including registration), this figure compared to 2012 registered more than 800 enterprises, growth is evident.

public figures, in 2012, China has more than 160 million "books", there is no vehicle near two-thirds, completely financed by private car to meet, no doubt will bring environmental and urban management in many negative effects. So people in the industry generally believed that new car rental industry will be the healthy development of the industry as a whole the best lubricants and booster, with great prospects for development.

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